31 December 2008

What next?

It's great to have friends that are down for anything: cycling,
searching out difficult vegan Ital restaurants, not drinking but
hanging out in bars till 3am, long-winded political discussions and
setting xmas trees on fire at a party in Bed-Stuy on nye eve.
Out with 2008!

30 December 2008

Tall-bar bike

I'm not worried about the economy when there are people who make bikes
like this around.

29 December 2008

Baby elephant

I hope Nicolas doesn't mind me posting this. Just wanted to further
the stereotype of single-speed mountain bikers and tattoos. Oh and
also because I think it is awesome.

23 December 2008

Full circle

For the holidays I hope y'all are spending time with friends and fam,
eating great food, seeing new places, exploring new ideas and planning
an unbelievable 2009.
I'm still trying to comprehend 2008 and all that it entailed. I've
been super fortunate and have to thank everyone who made it all
possible. Peace.

21 December 2008

ride eat fly

If Steevo thought $4.50 was a lot for some veg sushi he wouldn't
believe how much this vegan burger cost tonight in Santa Monica. He
could eat for a week.
Rode sullivan cyn, dirt Mulholland, broken arrow and everything in
between. Coming down Sully was packed and FAST. Grabbed some food and
snacks and straight to the airport for a red eye to NYC. Hopefully I
don't smell too bad.
Not a huge adventure, but a good winter solstice nonetheless.

17 December 2008

How to use a bike rack

This has made its rounds, but in case you missed it I post it for your consumption. Public transit, bikes and Hip Hop; if it only had a giant vegan feast at the end this would be fully representative of things I get stoked on. Oh and if the rapping was actually good.

14 December 2008

Strawberry Peak loop

A little scary, a little brutal (big fire road climb to start), a
little technical; a lot of fun. One of my favorite mountain bike
rides. No snow yet!

11 December 2008

Not no whip

I stole this from HTATBL, who apparently got it from this person.
Yes, autoworkers' jobs are important. But how many examples do we need to see that Laissez Faire capitalism is a total fucking farce and that huge top-heavy corporations with extravagant CEO salaries are, and have always been, taking money right out of our pockets?

I'm pissed!

Back to posts about bikes and bike riding soon. Probably. I hope.

06 December 2008

LA urban double start this morning

This should be called the urban-escape double! Why am I not riding it? I went out to the start this morning to help Shaun, who so far is doing a bang up job on organizing this, and that was the thought I had. As you can see a hardy crew set out at 9am (!!) to get in 200 miles almost literally around Los Angeles.

Here is a map of the pit stops. The lines are obviously as the crow flies (no riding in the ocean or on freeways on this ride). I rode out to the first stop in Rosemead and turned around there for a sweet 40 mile ride.

05 December 2008

Pista Barfi

Probably funny to only a very few people.

01 December 2008

17-hours in SF

coffee and donut Ritual

learn Anthropology

Indian food Naan-N-Curry

more coffee Blue Bottle

more learn Ellen Messer

sandwich Love N Haight

snack Rainbow Grocery

hip hop Immortal Technique