19 November 2007

LA Auto Show

The talk (or more accurately Green Wash) at the LA Auto show makes me cringe. I ignore the entire show the best I can, but others who are more ambitious infiltrate and spread their green message. Green LA Girl posted some of her thoughts on her LA Times blog. Are you skeptical of Chevy's 'From gas-friendly to gas-free' ad campaign? You should be. It is only an ad campaign.
Lastly, some good people at Rain Forest Action Network approached Toyota's General Manager about the hypocrisy of selling themselves as green while suing the state of California for setting fuel standards higher than Federal regulations. He responds by knocking the camera out of his hand.


Lety said...

what the fuck. guy doesnt know how to handle himself.

their ads are hard to swallow.

CresceNet said...
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jim said...

hey matt.
I just found this page by way of steevo's page. We met at the Naylor's Beach Tri a few years ago.