24 September 2008

And with Fall comes...

The Furnace Creek 508.

10 Days.

Getting nervous.

A good way to begin my thirties?

More soon.

Desert Locust (my 508 totem/alter-ego)


whoXcares said...

good luck!!!

ps.like your blog!im always readin it but never really know what to write he.

take care..patrick

vmaasnofun said...

what does a desert locust's cocknballs look like? have some postcards to fill out.

Sasha said...

so bummed im missing it this year! Good luck to you and other Swarm!ers.. cant wait to see the results :)

Sufi said...

Go boo! Go!! I'm watching the webcast. Thanks for posting some pictures on here Budge.

Good luck! Love you and hope you legs still work after this.