12 March 2009

last FML update for 2009

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Map of the hills for 2009 (blue is route to each hill, which is in red)

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After some consideration, we are not going to cancel tomorrow's event due to the forecast for sunny skies. Should a rainless FML still count? In addition to no rain, reigning champ, undefeated in 2006, 2007 and 2008, Jack Lindquist will not be riding. He suffered a head and shoulder injury on the velodrome two weeks ago and has not fully recovered. Rumor has it he will be spending the morning in the kitchen preparing 10,000 calories worth of vegan BBQ goodness, the amount of calories he would easily consume if he were to ride. Speaking of the BBQ/picnic, here is a map of where we will be in Elysian Park from 12-4:

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Of course if you are on the ride the last hill ends near here. Pass on the map to anyone meeting you for the eating and hanging out session (and ask them to bring vegan food!).

Lastly, I want to pass on some info from the Midnight Ridazz forum:
Westsidazz will be rolling out of Virginia Park (pico and 23rd) at 6.30am. BE ON TIME, we will leave without you.

See you tomorrow morning.

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