17 April 2009

Bike night at the Hammer and Velocity

Last night my friend Lisa, as an artist in a current show, put on Bike Night at the Hammer, which included valet parking, free vegan food and a screening of Breaking Away (see trailer below). This sounds like a typical thing to do: bikes, food, watch a film about what we do. But this was in the freakin Hammer museum! I missed the group ride out (50+) and when I showed up there were over 100 bikes inside and hundreds of people chilling in the open courtyard.

I wasn't going to stay for the film, but am glad I did. The layered stories of how ones defines oneself, the challenges one faces in times of change, friendship, family, etc, etc. And in a theatre with 200+ amped cyclists. Thank you Lisa!

The kids at Orange 20 covered it on their blog so check that out too.

And coming up this weekend are the Velocity races. The flyer below is for all of the North American events, Los Angeles specific info can be found on our struggling website bikeswarm.org. The races are open to all cyclists, not just messengers. Ya dig?

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