18 May 2009

Rough Riders!

Chris Kostman, best known as the energy behind, AdventureCORPS, also runs a site/group/idea called Rough Riders, where the basic philosophy, best explained in the article Mountain bikes: Who Needs Them?, is that you don't need a fancy dual suspension mountain bike to ride amazing off-road trails.

Yesterday he organized a ride leaving from Brentwood into the Santa Monicas that was mostly off-road. I rode some familiar terrain, some amazing new terrain and added some new links connecting my road-bike mental map with my off-road mental map (which I guess should be just one map?). Thanks Chris!

The details of the ride are here. Not everyone did the whole ride. Even when it was down to Chris and I we had to cut it short due to the heat and it taking much longer than we had planned. With my ride to and from I got about 65 miles in. Is it possible that this year I have more miles on my cross bike than road bike? Uh-oh!

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Tom said...

Nice stuff. I noticed a while ago that you had a link to the Self-Propelled Outdoor Club, of which I am a member in good standing. Thought I'd drop a line when I had something to show, so: http://heliotropes.wordpress.com/2009/05/26/the-crown-jewel-of-powell-river/ -- cheers!