07 December 2010

Riding and Eating through New York City

Dressed for conference, with bike along!

Recently I was able to spend a beautiful Fall weekend in New York City, one of my favorite places in the world. It's where my family is from and most still live in the area. As a kid it was my concept of what a city was like which unfortunately left me disappointed when I started traveling to other cities! Heading back this time I had my track bike, sun and free time to explore.

Everyone is going crazy over NYC Transportation Commissioner Janetter Sadik-Khan and I hate to jump on the bandwagon, but holy shit! NYC is a different place for bicycles now. It is as amazing as people say. Are NYC Drivers still NYC Drivers? Yes, but now cyclists have space set ahead for them. It's not always respected, but it's definitely something. Sadik-Khan was interviewed in Esquire and it's a great read.

She also spoke in Los Angeles and gave her approval for CicLAvia. So Los Angeles. You've always said, 'there's not enough space for bike lanes and bike infrastructure here.' Have you been to NYC? They have much less space! They've more than doubled the number of people commuting by bicycle because they built the infrastructure. We have more space and better weather. Let's get with the program here!

Clear day! Shot from Brooklyn looking at Manhattan.

Obligatory pizza in Brooklyn. Something else that has also changed dramatically, more vegan food! This is at Vinnie's on Bedford.

Kent Ave. The map said it was one-way, but I had memory of riding on it the opposite direction. Because it's a two-way bike lane! So rad.

Kent Ave again.

Williamsburg Bridge. They got rid of the crazy bumps!

Blurry Second Ave protected bike lane. The blurriness makes it more real.

Also obligatory. Post-Central Park ride.

Back in Brooklyn we went to a show in a warehouse where kids live. Nice to see lawless NYC still exists, somewhat.

We never actually went in, just to the roof to hang out.

Deli sandwich the next day. For real!

Love NYC. I was told when I was a teenager that if you love NYC, you'll hate LA. I never thought I'd stay here, but I'm coming up on 8 years. Do I wish there was some more NYC in LA? Of course. But each city is what you make it. Because I grew up with NYC as my idea of what a city should be like, I treat all cities like they were NYC. Which is why I can live here without a car and walk and bike to where I need to go. It's possible for me and others and if the city got on board, it'd be possible for many more Angelenos.

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